Cloud Computing Services

We provide Cloud Computing services!

Our extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of a variety of cloud offerings and tools helps reduce your development risk. Since inception, Software Next Door has been working with cloud computing customers, so you can leverage our staff’s experience with, Amazon Web Services and many other content delivery platforms.

Key segments of our business, and those of many of our customers run in the cloud today, which means we have our finger on the pulse of this rapidly changing space. As a result, our engineers and consultants are able to consistently add value during engagements.

We offer software development services in each of the major approaches to cloud computing:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Keeping up with the fast growing interest and adoption of cloud services has taxed providers of cloud infrastructure. ISPs and enterprises alike face a significant challenge finding available software developers who are experienced in the technologies used to build and manage an IaaS offering.

Software Next Door can help cloud providers build out their own platforms, enabling more customers to set up private, hybrid or public clouds. We have expertise implementing an infrastructure for ISPs selling cloud services and for enterprises offering cloud-based applications and services to internal users. We build software on top of Open Source and commercial stacks for Web-based cloud services and can assist with all phases of IaaS delivery. Areas of particular expertise include:

  1. Server consolidation
  2. SLA guarantees
  3. Data center visualization
  4. Application porting to the cloud
  5. Security

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Web and mobile development efforts are frequently hampered by lean and resource-constrained IT departments that cannot allocate – or sometimes even locate – appropriate and experienced personnel. In other situations, outsourcing development is unaffordable or impractical given the difficulties of managing teams across vastly different time zones.

Software Next Door can meet your development requirements using a variety of cloud platforms from to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and more. Areas of expertise include thorough knowledge of specific programming languages such as Apex for, Java, Python and Ruby on Rails. Our services cover all phases of a project from requirements analysis, to design, development and testing. And because we’re conveniently located in the same or nearby time zones, we’re able to take advantage of the efficiencies afforded by Agile methodologies.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The ever-growing popularity of SaaS is contributing to a shortage of cloud development experts. Software Next Door has a wide range of talent with significant experience developing SaaS applications, from collaborative applications built on the platform, to implementing Web sites using sophisticated content management systems, and building complete Web-based applications using Open Source and commercial development tools. Since SaaS solutions are a major area of software development for Software Next Door, clients benefit from our extensive experience, trained personnel and lower cost structure.