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Google API Integration & Other API's

It is great that there are so many good options being built to improve tooling around developing APIs. Obviously, there are so many options it isn't really clear what the best option is. The next step seem to be to pick out and implement a couple of the options to explore them in more detail. Either trying a different option for a couple different services or implementing several of the options on the same API to see which seems like the best fit.

In fact We have already started to do this with Google API, which is why it has a more detail describing it than several of the other options. One nice thing about researching all of these options and implementing one of them, has been learning how bad many of my APIs are. Seriously, trying to layer tooling like this on top of an awkward API and data response objects makes it abundantly clear that a poor planning was involved. It immediately makes the serializations used for the models seem awkward and overly verbose and the URI endpoints poorly chosen. Going through the exercise should improve your APIs. Building a new API with any of the tools or libraries above would likely result in a better API because it would force you to really think about the contract the API is describing when it is being implemented.

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