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Open LDAP Technologies

The OpenLDAP Configuration is critical for providing effective business service. Accurately managing the configuration of OpenLDAP is not an easy task considering the complexity of the OpenLDAP Configuration and the numerous configuration parameters involved with the OpenLDAP Configuration. The OpenLDAP Configuration includes thousands of different configuration parameters in which the misconfiguration or disregard of a single configuration setting can cause an incident with major impact on the entire IT environment and business service.

Qexon Configuration Analytics redefines change & configuration management and takes on the dynamics and complexity of the modern data center and cloud, collecting and analyzing detailed granular configuration information for the OpenLDAP Configuration.

As you know, modern business systems include interdependent layers of applications and infrastructure. Focusing on only the OpenLDAP Configuration leaves room for error, and ignores critical context and interdependencies. It's only by focusing on the entire environment that one can ensure a stable business service that meets agreed-to service levels.

Qexon goes beyond the OpenLDAP Configuration to cover the entire IT environment. Out of the box, Qexon Configuration Analytics recognizes and captures numerous technologies, including operating systems, application servers, middleware, web servers, databases, applications, and more.

Availability and performance of the OpenLDAP Configuration is critical for providing effective business service. With a unique ability to track the OpenLDAP Configuration and analyze changes and differences by criticality, no matter how minute, Qexon allows OpenLDAP Configuration professionals to:

  • Reduce Production Outage Risk
  • Minimize System Downtime
  • Enhance Security & Compliance