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Make the Most of Your Online Campaigns

Landing pages are website pages specifically optimized for campaigns such as pay per click, email marketing or more. For example, with a pay-per-click campaign advertising something like 'blue widgets' it's very important that visitors get to information specifically about 'blue widgets' immediately (and not your home page). When someone clicks on an ad campaign about blue widgets the landing page is themed about blue widgets. This page is optimized to help increase an action such as capturing an email address in return for downloading information or an offer (in this case about 'blue widgets').

Calls-to-action are requests for your website visitors to act. For example, subscribe to your email newsletter, like your Facebook page, or buy your product or services. Calls-to-action have to be compelling and relevant to what the your web page visitors are looking for. You have to address "what's in it for me"... with the "me" being the person who took the time to visit your website.

Easy to Build On-the-Fly

We build custom page templates that integrate the important parts of a landing page with calls-to-action specifically designed to increase conversions right into your content management system. Setting up your website with a content management system allows landing pages to be built on-the-fly making it easy to optimize your pay-per-click, email marketing and other campaigns.

It's All About Increasing Conversions and Sales

Why? Because getting people immediately to the information that they are looking for online increases conversions and sales! As your increase you increase business. And that makes you look good!