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Access people anywhere

Whether your audience is in the board room, relaxing at home, or running to catch their next flight, today’s solutions need to work with any device, anywhere. Our mobile development team can customize a solution that reaches your audience, wherever they may go.

Agile Development Process

At Qexon, we work with focused teams to create an agile process. We research together. We develop together. We expose issues and rethink quickly. We share in the responsibilities and – from discovery to deployment – the mobile experience is better for it. Through this iterative process, we promise the swift delivery of high-quality mobile solutions that work for the client, the user, and the ever-changing face of technology.

Mobile Testing

We hold our work to incredibly high standards, and conduct numerous tests throughout the development process to ensure quality, refine functionality, and improve user experience. We offer Automated, Unit, and Regression Testing to reduce risk, verify content accuracy, and ensure platform compatibility, all while keeping your project moving forward according to schedule.

Server Engineering (The Cloud)

Whatever your server engineering needs might be, Qexon has the experience and expertise to develop the end-to-end mobile solutions to address any business objective. We work closely with your organization to build frameworks for customized software, integrate legacy systems and third-party services, and deliver device-agnostic content across multiple platforms and devices.

Mobility of Enterprise Software

Business is constantly moving. You don’t just need solutions that keep up – you need solutions that set the pace. From secure, remote access to automated operations, Qexon will focus on the unique needs of your employees, managers, and IT staff to keep your business working, no matter where your business goes.

Hardware Solutions

New Machine to Mobile (M2Mo) technologies turn almost any machine into a cloud-powered ‘smart device’, allowing you to be more connected than ever before. From card swipes to receipt printers, VOKAL can create the software that interacts with your hardware, powering your device – and your business – like never before.