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MySQL is currently the world's most popular and widely used open source database technology and data storage system. MySQL offers great reliability and ease of use. It is free, and comes with free documentation as well as thousands of programmers that share their code that relates to communicating with a MySQL databse.

We can think of a MySQL database as a container that holds string(text based) data. Images, media files, audio files, and things of that nature really should not be stored in a database. The trick is to put those files on the server in folders and just reference their name and path in the databse. Here are a few of the types of applications PHP and MySQL which can help us to create:

  • Website Blogs
  • Custom Dynamic Database Driven Websites (like developPHP)
  • Ecommerce and Custom Online Store Programming
  • Social Networks and Communities
  • Guestbooks
  • Entire Dynamic Websites
  • Client and Customer Information