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Python Development

Python is a dynamic open source language that's increasingly being used to run the backend of a number of web sites that we use regularly, including massive ones like Google, Facebook, Quora and YouTube.
It is also being used by a number of enterprises to run mission critical applications for analysing seismic data, data processing and climate analysis etc.

So why is Python one of the favoured choices, especially for handling huge amounts of traffic?

One of the main reasons is that it was designed that way.
There are a bunch of other reasons too:

  • Python's clean and simple syntax makes it easy to learn and work with
  • Apps can be developed a lot faster in Python than in Java or C/C++, thus cutting costs.
  • Python's large number of development frameworks lays stress on security, testing and administration, thus streamlining software development.

  • It works across all platforms and all operating systems including cloud deployments like Google App Engine
  • It plays nice with legacy Java and .NET code, which ensures backwards compatibility
  • It's backed by all major players like Google and Microsoft but is completely vendor neutral

If you are looking to ship a product quickly, anticipate massive amounts of traffic and want to get scalability issues fixed right off the bat Python will work for you. And we will work with Python for you.
We have experience in working with a number of tools and frameworks like Django, Grok, Pylons, TurboGears and web2py.
Combine this with our more than a decade long expertise in software development and you will get a product that will solve your business problems without any hassle whatsoever.